Nightmare on Kinnock Street: The Destruction of a Labour Leader

Great article about how to destroy a good politician with innuendo and hate.

Tides Of History

I’m putting this here as a resource for any students interested in Labour’s relationship with the media

The 1992 general election was so tight that The Sun claimed their coverage ‘won it’ for the Tories.

A reminder of the bizarre lengths the paper went to in portraying the ‘Nightmare on Kinnock Street’…


They claimed planning applications – including loft conversions – would have to be approved by gay & lesbian groups

‘What are they trying to do, build a gay world?’


‘Lefties put boy in care of Lesbian Crook’ in a ‘loony bid to woo gay voters’
‘Its MAO or Never for Neil’ – Kinnock won the votes of Stalin, Trotsky and Marx from the grave.

The Tories had the votes of Churchill, Elvis Presley and Sid James.

Hitler spoiled his ballot…


‘How Page 3 would look under Kinnock – Fat Chance of fun’

‘I’m a miner but I can’t…

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